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Uniden Dash Cam Review and Top Picks

In a world filled with complex gadgets, Uniden focuses on making its dash cams sophisticated yet practical to the common population. They are designed for use in day to day drives as well as long trips. The best part is that Uniden has a wide variety of dash cam products to choose from. It doesn’t matter the features you’re looking for, it’s more than certain that you’ll find a unit that matches your needs.

About Uniden 

Established in February 1966 by Hidero Fujimoto, Uniden manufactures a wide array of security, automotive and communication electronic products. Its line of automotive gadgets includes dash cams.

Although its primary headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan, the company has regional headquarters in Irving, Texas and Sydney, Australia. It supplies its products to retailers and distributors worldwide. Consumers can make direct purchases of Uniden’s products through online retailers like Amazon.

Uniden is listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a testament to its massive popularity and strong brand.

Some of our top picks to compare

Top Rated Amazon's Top Pick
ModelFalconZero F170HDGarmin Dash Cam 55Z-Edge S4 Dual Dash Cam ReviewRexing V1 Car Dash Cam: Review

$ 199.95

$ 318.99

$ 179.99

$ 99.99

Screen Size2.7in2in4in2.4in
Angle of View170°122°150°170°
Max Card Size64gb-128gb128gb
Min Operating Temperature-4°F4°F10°F10°F
Max Operating Temperature131°F131°F140°F140°F
Max Photo Resolution1920x1080MP2560 x 1440MP2560x1440MP1080MP

$ 199.95

$ 318.99

$ 179.99

$ 99.99

DetailsNot availableDetailsBuy nowDetailsNot availableDetailsBuy now

Uniden Dash Cams

The company describes its dash cams as the “ultimate road companion”. That’s a pretty accurate description because when you have one of them in your vehicle you’ll have an extra eye watching the road and your vehicle at all times.

But which Uniden dash cam is best for you? There are over 10 models to choose from, each with a unique combination of features. While some come with luxury features like Wi-Fi and motion sensors, others are entry level dash cams that offer just the essential recording functions.

Perhaps your personal preference will play a major role when you’re choosing the best Uniden dash cam. But here are our top two picks just in case you’re spoilt for choice or can’t choose for any other reason.

Product Reviews: The Top 2 Uniden Dash Cams

  1. Uniden Dash Cam 945G

Compared to the Dash Cam 625, Uniden’s Dash Cam 945G offers slightly more features. In addition to full HD recording, wide field of view, compact size and G-sensor, it also brings GPS and lane departure warnings to the table.

The GPS function shows your vehicle’s location and speed at any given time and date. You may need the information in case of legal or insurance claims. On its part, the lane departure warning alerts you when you’re driving off lane. It is meant to help you drive carefully, and it certainly does the job.

In terms of installation, this dash cam mounts on the windshield and gets power from the cigarette lighter. It will come on and start recording automatically when you start the vehicle’s ignition. It does have a built-in battery but that is for emergency recording only.

With that in mind, what other features will you get from the Dash Cam 945G?


The camera captures full HD videos of 1920 x 1080P at 30fps. You can also record the accompanying audio thanks to the built-in microphone.

Viewing angle:

With an FL9 lens, the Uniden Dash Cam 945G covers a field of view of 148 degrees. What you get is a sweeping view of the road ahead.


In the package is a free 8GB microSD storage card. If you wish you can purchase a memory card with more storage space. The dash cam accepts up to 32GB. It records video files in loops. When the card is full the camera will automatically overwrite old footage with new ones. It’s worth mentioning that it also comes with a PC software suite, so you can consider transferring your files to a computer instead of letting the dash cam overwrite them.

G-sensor and Parking Mode:

The G-sensor detects collisions and locks accident-related videos so that you don’t lose them. In addition to that, the dash cam also features a parking monitor that initiates recording whenever the vehicle’s engine is not running. This function relies on an internal built-in battery.


A discreet and compact unit, the Dash Cam 945G measures 7 x 10.5 x 7 inches and weighs just 13.6 ounces. The small size makes it very easy to conceal.

On the downside, the dash cam’s internal battery is not meant for removal. Essentially when the battery dies (which may happen if there’s consistently excess heat) the dash cam is as good as useless. It won’t start!

That said, the whole unit has a high tolerance for extreme temperatures. You can use it in the summer very comfortably. Also, the GPS and lane departure functions make for awesome additions that may increase your safety.

2. Uniden Dash Cam 625 

The F1.8 lens installed in the Uniden Dash Cam 625 zooms up to 4 times. That alone makes the case for this dash cam because you can zoom in on anything: an accident, license plate, road sign, or anything else on the lens’s field of view.

Besides, the camera is pretty simple to install and use. The mount attaches to the windshield using a suction cup. The dash cam itself is a plug and play device, meaning once you’ve mounted and run the power cable it will start recording as soon as you turn the vehicle’s ignition on.

With a built-in rechargeable battery, you can count on it to keep going even when the vehicle is off. This is a necessary feature for those times when you’ve left your car in parking. In case of any impact the dash cam will use the battery to power up and record a short clip for your reference.

So what more does the Uniden Dash Cam 625 has to offer?


Full HD videos of 1920 x 1080P at 30 frames per seconds (30fps). It has a built-in microphone that catches audio as well, but you can turn it off. There’s a 2-inch LCD screen for viewing real time or play back videos.

Viewing angle:

The lens covers a wide view of 170 degrees. That’s more than sufficient to record the road ahead as well as cross traffic.


First off, Dash Cam 625’s package includes a free 8GB class 10 microSD card for storing data. The camera records footage as a single loop, but when the memory card fills up it will automatically replace the older file with new footage.


Also included (built-in) in the dash cam is a 3-axis G-sensor module. It detects impacts (accidents) and locks all related footage for your reference.

Motion sensor:

In addition to the G-sensor is a motion detector that senses movements and initiates automatic video recording. This is an important feature for those times when you’re away from your vehicle.


The dimensions of this dash cam are 7 x 10.5 x 7 inches. That’s sufficiently small to hide behind the windshield.

The only problem you may run into when using Uniden’s Dash Cam 625 is the sensitivity of the G-sensor. It is too high and at times will lock videos of the slightest impacts that are not remotely related to an accident. While that may be a drawback, it is a minor one because you can always delete those files.

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