The 5 Top Dual Channel Dash Cams of 2018

Just like with driving, it is not only the road in front of you that you have to keep track of, but behind you as well. Dual channel dash cams record what is both ahead of you and behind you. Arguably, they can record the sides of your vehicle as well, up to a certain degree, depending on how wide of an angle the cameras capture.

There are many reasons and situations in which you would want to use a dashboard camera, the main reason for a dual recording one, probably is to record evidence of being rear-ended or using it as a taxi cam to record the passengers inside your vehicle.

Prices are constantly changing, depending when you’re reading this or if the company has released another model cam, so instead of listing the precise prices, we’ll give you the link to take you to the best vendor for price and warranty out there. We do our best to update this as frequently as possible but sometimes can’t catch every single price change in the market.

This is meant to give you the facts you need in a straightforward and efficient way for you to be able to quickly narrow down what you’re looking for. Then you can read extended dash cam reviews for the models you want, and less information for the ones you don’t.

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Here are this year’s top dual channel car cameras:

Most Advanced Features: Lukas LK-7950 WDlukas-7950-buyer-review

  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)
  • Overall video quality: Excellent
  • Dependability: Good
  • Memory limit: Two 256 GB SD Cards
  • Extras: Wi-Fi, buffered parking mode, battery discharge prevention, good heat and cold resistance. External GPS optional (sold separately)

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The LK-7950 WD by Lukas has bragging rights to being the most advanced two-way dash cam out there right now. Up to date with Wi-Fi technology, g-sensor detection, improved night vision, and a larger than normal memory capacity, this camera packs it all in.
If you’re someone who appreciates a gadget that allows you to have a more personal control and a wider range of options for use, this could be the cam for you. Additionally, this model is particularly resistant to extreme heat and cold.

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Best Design: BlackVue DR650GW-2CHblackvue-dr650-reviews

  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (front), 1280×720 (rear)
  • Overall video quality: Good
  • Dependability: Great
  • Memory limit: 128 GB
  • Extras: Integrated GPS, buffered parking mode, enabled Wi-Fi

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The BlackVue DR650GW-2CH has built up and kept it’s reputation for quality since it was released in 2014. A constant best seller, it is discreet, elegant, and comes in iconic black. This is the perfect cam for reliability, quality, and avoiding drawing attention to yourself and your car camera.

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Best Taxi Cam: Transcend Drive Pro 520transcend-520-dashcam-reviews

  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (front), 1280×720 (rear)
  • Overall video quality: Good
  • Dependability: Fair
  • Memory limit: 32 GB (comes with SD card included)
  • Extras: 2.4″ screen, Wi-Fi enabled

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Taxi cams are ideal for people who make money driving people around or who want to keep an eye on their kids or pets in the backseat. A taxi cam uses the rear video feed to record the interior of your car while you are driving. Reliable and offering good quality video, you won’t have any problems with these recordings if any of your passengers end up creating problems for you.

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Best Dual Cam With Screen: Thinkware X500Dx500d-dashcam-reviews

  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (front and rear)
  • Overall video quality: Good
  • Dependability: Very good
  • Memory limit: 64 GB
  • Extras: 2.7″ screen, buffered parking mode, integrated GPS

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When you want a cam that has a screen right on it and that you can rely on think of the Thinkware X500D. Has all the usual features you would want and a 2.7-inch screen for immediate viewing. As a side note, you can always get the single channel version of this camera first and add on the rear cam at a later time, in case you’re going back and forth trying to decide between the two options.

We give you lots more information about the Thinkware X500D here.

Best For Budgets: BlackSys CF-100 2CHblacksys

  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (front), 1280×720 (rear)
  • Overall video quality: Fair
  • Dependability: Good
  • Memory limit: 32 GB
  • Extras: Parking mode and buffering, option for external GPS

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One of the most affordable dashboard cameras out there that still produces good quality videos. This model runs under $100 and has a decent amount of features to take advantage of. Take note that the back camera records at a lower resolution than the front one, so don’t get your hopes up for any rear end overly scenic shots while you’re driving.

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That’s a Wrap

There you have it, the best front and rear dash cam out there right now. All you have to do is pick on that fits your needs and budget.

This list will continue to be updated as new models and products come out. Feel free to check back for any changes in the future.

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