Our Review of Vantrue N1

Product Name:N1
Park Mode:Yes
Night Vision:Yes
Motion Detector:Yes
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  • Full HD resolution – 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps
  • Super night vision
  • 156-degree wide angle view
  • 1.5 inch LCD screen
  • Parking Mode motion detection
  • G-Sensor detection
  • Emergency lock file enabled
  • Supports 32GB micro SD card
  • GPS option available
  • Operational temperature 32F to 158F

The Review

The Vantrue N1 is a compact, perfect dashboard camera which even any tech wizard or challenged person can use. It has a 1.5inch LCD screen, high-performance NI processor, a G-sensor and various other features making this camera a favorite for those looking for a new dashcam.

Enhanced night recordings

The Vantrue N1 dashcam, its high-class F2.0 6-layer glass lens gives superb video recording quality even in the evening. It’s only while recording at low light levels will you realize the camera lens quality.

Excellent N1 processor

The high-performance N1 processor of the camera gives excellent video recordings in practically any setting. It provides continuous HD recording without any breaks or lags together with the color CMOS sensor.

Loop recording and auto file lock

These are two standard features found in most dashboard cams. In the case of loop recording, the camera automatically deletes the oldest video files to accommodate the newer video clips to provide for continuous recording even with a full memory card.
In case of auto lock file, whenever the Vantrue N1 dashboard camera detects strong vibrations or a collision, it locks the most recent video files to prevent any accidental deletion during loop recording.

Individual photos

The Vantrue N1 not only records video but also lets you take 12MP snapshots. You can thus detach the camera in the event of an accident and take individual photos of the crash scenario.

Easy to install

This dashcam is easily installed and detached using a strong suction mount which easily sticks to the windshield or any smooth surface. It secures your camera and minimizes shaking.

LCD display

Though a small camera, the Vantrue N1 dashboard camera has a 1.5” LCD screen which can be correctly positioned after mounting. It also has an auto shut off feature wherein the LCD turns off after three minutes of recording. It not only reduces battery usage but also prevents distractions.

Optimal video recording

With its 1920 x 1080-pixel HD video recording feature at 30 frames per second, the Vantrue N1 gives you clear recordings both at night and day, even recordings of license plates and road signs.


It is the G-sensor which recognizes an accident or collision which takes place and automatically locks files to prevent any deletion during loop recording. The G-sensor also works as a parking monitor. Pressing a button turns on the parking monitor while parking and the motion detector signals the camera to start recording when a person or object approaches your vehicle.


  • 156-degree viewing angle provides a comprehensive recording view
  • Thermal protection circuit which automatically turns off the camera to prevent it getting too hot or cold
  • G-sensor detects accidents and even helps while parking
  • Offers very clear night vision recordings
  • Small, discreet, compact size


  • Only supports 32GB memory cards which should be fine for most uses as it records up to 5.5 hours at full 1080-pixel HD and 9 hours of recording at 720p
  • Updating firmware can be difficult for some


All this information should prove helpful and worthy to make an informed decision if you are looking for a dashcam. Features like its quality day and night recording, efficient g-sensor, N1 processor, ease of use and ability to take individual photos put the Vantrue N1 a step above other dashboard cameras in the market.


Video Samples

Day Time Footage


Night Time Video

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