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Rexing V1P 2.4 LCD FHD 1080p Review

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$ 139.99

Last updated on: November 29, 2022 2:13 am
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Screen Size2.4in
Angle of View170°
Max Card Size128gb
Max Operating Temperature140°F

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Screen Size2.4in
Angle of View170°
Max Card Size128gb
Max Operating Temperature140°F



Rexing is quickly becoming one of the most formidable dash cam manufacturers, not just in the US but the whole world. That is partly attributable to the company’s dedicated customer service and high-quality products. As long as we are talking about products, perhaps the most loved offering from Rexing dash cam V1P.

The 7.1 by 3.3 by 5.2-inch dashboard camera weighs just 1.1 pounds. That light weight and small size make this camera a discrete witness to everything that unfolds as you drive. Although it has a front and rear lens, the dash cam is surprisingly easy to install.

The front camera mounts on the windshield and the rear one on the back window using a 3M adhesive mount. If you wish you can specifically request for a suction cup mount from Rexing. You will need to run some cables (charging and USB cables) but that’s a piece of cake. Plus there is a handy rexing dash cam manual to help.

The fact that both lenses attach directly to your car windows (front and back) makes the V1P a perfect camera for recording undistorted footages of the front and rear views of your car. It does solve the problem that most other dual dash cams pose – having a rear lens that attaches either to the rear-view mirror or windshield. That setup usually means that the backward-facing lens will look through the inside of the car first before looking outside through the back window. More often than not you won’t be able to see anything that’s outside the car, even if your rear window is not tinted.


Luckily the V1P offers a reliable solution because the rear lens mounts directly to the back window and the front lens to the windshield. It’s no surprise that both lenses record stunningly clear videos. Even better news – they are designed to start recording automatically and simultaneously when you turn on your car’s ignition. They will stop when the engine goes off. Of course that is meant to save you the trouble of having to switch the camera on and off.

Keep in mind that you can never anticipate a traffic event, so that auto-record feature ensures that you don’t miss a thing because your dash cam was off.

Rexing V1P Main Features

Dual channel dash cam

The Rexing dash cam has a front and rear lens. It allows you to record both ends of the road simultaneously. With its 2.4-inch LCD screen, you can catch the action from both cameras in real-time or later during playback.

Excellent video quality 

Another great selling point for the V1P is the high quality of its footage. It records full HD (FHD) videos of 1080P at 30 frames per second. With the fitted 6-layer glass lenses, the dash cam captures a sweeping view of the road ahead and behind.

The front camera has a super-wide viewing angle of 170 degrees while the rear camera has an impressive 120-degree field of view. That is more than enough to capture every slight detail on the road and around your car.

Weather resistance

The dash cam has a 140-degree (F) operating temperature and 160-degree (F) storage temperature. You don’t need to worry about heat-related issues regardless of the outside temperatures.


With its G-sensor module, the V1P can automatically detect collisions, sudden changes of position and abrupt displacements. It then saves and locks all the footage that was recorded just before and after the incident.


  • Comes as a complete package (excluding microSD card)
  • Supports memory size of up to 128GB
  • Backed by the strong Rexing dash cam brand
  • Uses loop recording for great file management
  • 18-month warranty and excellent customer service


Some users note that very rarely, the images at the beginning of videos tend to be choppy and blurred. But that is just for a few seconds, and it happens very rarely. It really shouldn’t be a big deal, after all you’ll probably still be in parking during those few seconds.

Other than that, the Rexing V1P could easily be rated as a perfect dash cam.


Rexing v1p 1080p Dash Cam Sample Video

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$ 139.99

Last updated on: November 29, 2022 2:13 am

$ 139.99

Last updated on: November 29, 2022 2:13 am