Our Review of Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Product Name:Rexing V1
Park Mode:Yes
Night Vision:Yes
Motion Detector:No
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Product Name: Rexing V1

Brand: Rexing

Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5,375 reviews

Price: $99.98

Resolution: 1080P

Channel: Single


Park Mode: Yes (G-sensor)

Night Vision: Yes

Motion Detector: No

Screen: 2.4”

Amazon’s Recommended Choice for Dash Cam With 5,375 Reviews


The Rexing V1 is one of the affordable yet high quality dash cams available today. The elegantly designed camera mounts nicely to the windshield using a 3M adhesive and stays concealed from an outside viewer. With two versions on offer – matte black with a black button and gloss black with a red button – you can choose the one whose design matches the interior of your car.

Regardless of your preferred color, you will get a discreet and lightweight dash cam that isn’t heavy to hang on your windshield. It uses a USB cable to source power from the car so you won’t need to do any hardwiring. You can always view the recorded footage any time thanks to the 2.4-inch display screen on the unit. If you want your videos to come with accompanying audio all you need to do is turn the microphone on.

One of the greatest selling points for the V1 is its simple and intuitive user interface. You don’t need to know a lot about dash cams to use this unit. Although it avoids the many unnecessary luxuries that might compromise its functionality, it does have a GPS and rear camera slot. But the two are not supported because the V1 doesn’t have the necessary firmware. Perhaps Rexing will add them in a newer version of this model.

Even so, the dash cam is not a mere eye-catcher. It does pack some very impressive and exciting features that are traditionally not available in other cameras of its price range.


Main Features

Full HD resolution 

The Rexing V1 dash cam uses a Sony EXMOR IMX323 video sensor. It is a very powerful sensor that records crispy clear videos. That, together with the 6-layer glass lens fitted on this unit, accounts for the camera’s ability to record high-quality, full HD videos of 1080P.

Wide dynamic range

The sensor and lens play a huge role in ensuring that the V1 records high quality videos. That is not compromised even when you are driving in low light conditions (like at night) thanks to the wide dynamic range (WDR) technology used. It automatically adjusts the camera’s aperture and exposure to ensure that sufficient light comes in and the footage is balanced.

Super wide viewing angle 

With the V1 you get an ultra-wide viewing angle of 170 degrees. That is more than you will get in most other dash cams. You do need that wide angle if you want to pick up as much detail of the road as possible.

Automatic accident detection

The Rexing V1 has a G-sensor that detects collision impacts and other abnormal movements like a drastic change in position. It then saves and locks footage automatically following the detection. That’s a very valuable feature that might come in handy in case of an accident or if someone hits your car when it is parked.

Loop recording for efficiency

Loop recording is the industry standard for dashboard cameras. It allows the camera to automatically overwrite the oldest footage with the newest when the SD card is full. You can set the loops of your V1 to either 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Since it supports a memory card of up to 128GB (5 hours of recording), chances are all your footage will always be available, unless you are going on a very long journey.


  • Has a 140-degree operating temperature and 160-degree storage temperature
  • 24/7 customer support from Rexing
  • Updates firmware regularly to fix bugs
  • Turns on and off automatically
  • Small and compact gadget


  • The package doesn’t include an SD card


With only one, very simple to fix inconvenience, the Rexing V1 is the #1 option for a reliable dashcam that’s under $100.

The dash cam is sleek, discreet and most importantly packs some of the best features you can possibly get. Plus it provides great value for money.

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