Review of Mini 0807 (upgraded 0805/0806) Dash cam

Product Name:Mini 0807
Park Mode:Yes
Night Vision:Yes
Motion Detector:Yes
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Key Features

  • Uses Ambarella A7LA50 technology
  • 135 degrees of viewing angle. Camera can rotate 160 degrees
  • Dual card storage with loop recording between card A and B
  • 1.5 inch TFT screen
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • GPS unit with its mount base
  • Multiple warning systems
  • Seamless loop recording
  • Lens CMOS: Sony IMX322
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920X1080p 30fps
  • Screen Off: 10/20/30 seconds or Button
  • Loop Recording:1,3,5 Mins (Also loops between card A and B)
  • Parking Guard Mode: Off/ Free Record/ Low Frame

The Review

The Mini brand of dashboard cameras has recorded enormous success in the recent past. The Chinese-manufactured cams have some of the most groundbreaking features, like a storage capacity of 128 GB. Since the release of the first model, the manufacturer has always made deliberate efforts to make subsequent models even better. And now there is the Mini 0807; a masterpiece in its class.

Newest model and latest technology

Released in April 2016, the dash cam comes as a complete package that contains one Mini 0807 Car DVR and GPS Bracket, a USB cable, two adhesive stickers, one OBD II Cable, a car charger, two films, a lens cleaning cloth, six cable clips, and an English user manual. Apart from a few additions here and there, the camera itself is a typical Mini. It is small, discreet, and compact and has a detachable foot that you stick to the windshield using an adhesive tape. Its 1.5-inch screen is just enough to offer a clear view of the recorded footage.

The OBD II Cable allows you to power the dash cam using your OBD (On-board diagnostics) port. That means you can free up your cigarette lighter and use it to charge other devices. The user interface has a button that you can press whenever you want to lock incident files and a scroll wheel for easy setup. The OBD II Cable connection also enables the camera to do incident recording when the car is in parking mode. Please note that you might need to buy additional hardware to support this function.

High quality recording

According to the user manual, the Mini 0807 will cut power to the camera automatically if your car voltage is below 11.8V. In addition to that, it is fitted with a super capacitor that ensures more stability and reliability even under extreme heat. The camera’s Ambarella A7 processor and Sony IMX322 2.1MP CMOS sensor provide very high-quality footage. It supports True HD 1080P (1920×1080 pixels) at 30FPS. One surprising and unique thing is that night videos are likely to be better than daytime videos.

The Mini 0807 stores recorded content in twin micro SD cards (though you can choose to use only one) of up to 128 GB each. Its loop recording function switches from one card to the next automatically when the first one gets full. Compared to previous versions like the Mini 0805 and Mini 0806, this model records videos in higher resolution and also performs the transition from one memory card to the next in a smoother manner. There is no doubt it is superior to the previous versions.


  • True HD video quality
  • Excellent for recording night footage
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Has the brand backing of Mini dash cams
  • Very affordable relative to the features that you get
  • Smart parking mode is a handy feature
  • Slick discreet design
  • Constant upgrade and support from manufacturer website


  • Known record out-of-focus images occasionally
  • Footage might be a bit blurry when the sun is too bright

The Mini series of dash cams has been in existence for a while now. If you are a loyalist and still own a previous version, it is definitely time to upgrade to the 0807. And if you haven’t tried it yet give it a shot, and you won’t regret.

Sample Video

Day Time Footage

Night Time Footage

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