Lukas LK 7950

Product Name:LK 7950
Park Mode:Yes
Night Vision:Yes
Motion Detector:Yes
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Technical Details

  • Durable Operating temp. -22 to 176 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Size (mm) Voor: 109 x 99 x 39 / Achter: 50 x 26 x 31
  • Audio Built-in speaker / microphone
  • Video compression H.264 (AVI format)
  • Super cap battery (back-up) Yes
  • Internal Storage 512GB
  • GPS and G-sensor Inbuilt
  • Field of view angle 130/135 degrees
  • Recording speed; Front 30fps + Rear 24 fps
  • WiFi connectivity so you can view real time video from your phone
  • Video resolution 1080/1080
  • Sensitivity 1 Lux
  • Full HD + Full HD Experience
  • Front/Rear Camera both Record 1920 x 1080p
  • Built for Temperature Durability
  •  3 Recording modes: Always Recording, Parking and Motion Detection Recording, Event Recording

The Lukas LK 7950 dash cam is first of the Lukas camera series to feature a fully functional WiFi connection. In addition to the full WiFi compatibility, this amazing dash cam comes with a downloadable App for Android and iOS devices. This makes it easy for you to download and share the recorded videos with your friends. You can also adjust the APP settings to stream live all recordings. With the WiFi connectivity feature, you are able to easily update the camera software automatically.


This incredible dash cam also comes with Dual Full HD 1080p camera. The double lens camera enables you to capture the entire surrounding of your car. You are able to view both the outside and the inside events happening.

The camera also incorporates two sets of Sony IMX322 2.1M Pixel sensors. Enhanced with the Full HD 1080p feature, guarantees you the best quality of video recording for both front and rear views of the camera.

The Lukas LK 7950 front camera has a wide field of view at 130 degrees and records at 30 fps. The rare camera, on the other hand, has the same 130-degree wide field of view with a 24fps recording. The full field of view for the dual cameras provides you with clear images that have very limited distortions.

With the high-quality 1080p videos, the Lukas LK 7950 dash cam is well equipped with an incredibly high storage capacity of 512GB. This ensures storage of many videos without chances of the space being filled up quickly. In addition to the internal storage space, this camera has an expandable Micro SD card slot of up to 256GB. You can actually record over 100 hours of high-quality 1080p videos with this dash cam.


The automatic built-in low voltage cut – off system automatically switches off the camera when the car battery is low. You can manually set the minimum voltage at which you wish to have it shut down; depending on the type of car or the season. More so, the dash cam can be left to record on its own in the car.  Note that it does not come with an SD card when purchased.

The Lukas LK -7950 camera includes and inbuilt capacitor battery. With this battery, the camera can continue recording events even when the car power gets shut down abruptly. This is helpful when critical recordings are needed in the case of an accident.


The Lukas dash camera also comes with an inbuilt GPS and microphone. The GPS enables remote car tracking while the microphone allows you to make audio recordings.

If you need a great camera for your vehicle, the Lukas LK – 7950 should be your consideration. As an additional feature, the camera can withstand very extreme temperatures of between -5 to 80 degrees Celsius. It can operate under the most unfavorable temperature levels without failure. It is the best dash camera for use in both winter and summer.


Sample Front and Rear Day Time Video

Lukas Wifi Appl Video and Tutorial

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