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FalconZero F170HD

$ 199.95

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 9:10 am
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Screen Size2.7in
Angle of View170°
Max Card Size64gb
Min Operating Temperature-4°F
Max Operating Temperature131°F
Max Photo Resolution1920x1080MP

Product data

Screen Size2.7in
Angle of View170°
Max Card Size64gb
Min Operating Temperature-4°F
Max Operating Temperature131°F
Max Photo Resolution1920x1080MP



Lets start off with this fact – there are more Falcon Zero dash cams installed in cars than any other brand in the world.

Let’s see why.

With over 3 million of them in operation worldwide, these dash cams are the most popular in the market today, and rightfully so. The quality and work put in the creation of these gadgets means that you can never go wrong with a Falcon Zero.

Of all the models available, the F170HD+ is definitely one of the most preferred. Despite being a very affordable camera, it packs so many features that every motorist needs. For starters, the high-grade aluminum used in the main frame makes it light and durable. With dimensions of 4 x 1 x 2 and a weight of 8 ounces, the camera is impressively small and easy to conceal. Once installed it will be so discrete that you won’t even notice it.

Although the ergonomic and sleek design makes this gadget a darling for many motorists, it is its performance that puts it among the very best dash cams available today.


Falcon Zero F170 Main Features

Full HD footage

The F170HD+ has a superior f/2 six glass lens that records footage of 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames per second. In short, the video that you get from this camera is full HD (high definition). During playback you’ll be able to see every detail on the road ahead, including signs and license plates. The 2.7-inch screen makes it possible to view footage right from the dash cam.

Automatic recording 

The dash cam starts recording immediately you turn your car’s ignition on. It will also stop recording when the engine goes off. That’s actually a good thing because it will ensure you don’t forget to switch the camera on. When it starts recording you will see a red blinking light on the screen. Don’t worry when the screen turns off automatically (power-saving mode), the dash cam will still be recording. In that case the blinking light will shift to the upper right corner and turn to green.

Superb night vision

Thanks to the f/2 lens used, this dash cam guarantees high-quality footage during the day and at night. The lens has a wide aperture and can therefore garner light easily even when there’s darkness. Plus it uses wide dynamic range (WDR) technology to enhance footage quality at night.

Parking mode

The F170HD+ is fitted with a sensitive motion detector that turns the camera on and records any movements happening outside your car when it is parked. If someone hits your car the FalconZero F170HD+ will power itself on using a built-in battery and then record and save a short video of the incident.

Note that you have to turn this function on manually.

170-degree viewing angle 

The F170HD+ offers a viewing angle of 170 degrees. That’s more than what you will get in most other cameras. It is definitely sufficient to cover a large area of the road ahead and also around the front of your car.

Handy GPS feature

There’s a GPS feature that you can either turn on or off. When turned on, it will show the exact location and speed of your vehicle at any given time. You may want to enable this function just in case a reckless driver hits you and tries to blame you for driving too fast. Plus it will make it easy for you to keep track of your vehicle whenever someone else is driving it.

Loop recording

The dash cam comes with a 32GB microSD card for storing files. That’s enough to record up to 6 hours of your journey. When the card is full the camera will automatically replace the oldest files with the latest footage (loop recording). But it doesn’t erase critical data that was recorded immediately after an impact. Instead, it locks up those files.


  • Comes as a complete package, including a 32GB microSD card and all the needed cables
  • Records crispy clear videos
  • Very discrete unit
  • Easy to attach on the windshield using a suction cup
  • Backed by Falcon Zero’s 5-year warranty


When you drive with the motion detector on it may cause cause erratic recording. Either the footage will have low quality or the dash cam will not record at all.

This means you’ll need to turn it off when you are driving and remember to turn it on when you park the car.

That slight inconvenience is the only downside of owning this dash cam. Otherwise it is a very solid gadget that will serve you to satisfaction. Are you ready to see why Falcon Zero is the most trusted brand of cams on the marketplace by getting your own?

FalconZero F170HD Sample Videos

Day time footage of a close call

Night time video in rainy weather

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$ 199.95

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 9:10 am

$ 199.95

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 9:10 am