Blackvue 2 Channel Dr650Gw-2Ch

Product Name:Dr650Gw-2Ch
Park Mode:Yes
Night Vision:Yes
Motion Detector:Yes
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  • Resolution: 1080p front, 720p rear
  • Dual channel
  • Night vision
  • Operating temperature -4F to 140F
  • GPS integrated
  • Time, date, speed stamp
  • 16GB SD card included
  • WiFi App
  • Park mode
  • G-Sensor
  • Continuous loop recording
  • Support up to 128GD micro SD cards
  • Wide angle 129-degree view
  • Built in microphone

Blackvue 2 Channel Dr650Gw-2Ch is a reliable dual-channel car dash cam. It’s a high definition front and rear camera. It has 2 megapixel CMOS sensor with the ability to view with an angle of 129 degrees. It has a built in microphone with a memory card capacity of 164 GB.It records in MP 4 format and has a video recording option.


The camera captures super clear images without any distortion while maintaining sufficient coverage due to the 129-degree feature. The built-in GPS system gives high performance regarding recording speed and route guidance. You don’t have to remove the SD card since it’s fitted with WIFI connectivity option. The 360-degree design feature makes it easy to adjust.

Long film time and warning sensors

Also, it’s stylish design makes it a perfect match to any car interior. It also has an extended recording time feature due to mp4 compression. It has the capacity to record up to 27 hours. The sensors detect anything that is happening while driving. Further, the user-friendly interface system has a voice guide which tells you on the operations that are being done by the camera like; no memory card, the system is shutting down, or the standard recording is starting, etc. The digital zoom enables easy visibility of what is recorded and the playback software can be upgraded.

Easy connectivity

In addition, it’s self-formatting option which enables the SD card to format on its won without using the PC. The coaxial cable that connects the front and the rear camera enables faster data transfer compared to other ordinary cables. You won’t have to remove the SD card when you are transferring the video files.The built-in internal capacitors allow the camera to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Fast recording and extra features

Due to the improved recording bit rate as compared to other car cameras, recording is done very fast and still produce clear videos. Further, the three recording modes are suitable for an environment that fits your vehicle. I.e. parking mode, event mode and on road mode. The WIFI feature together with the blackvue app allows easy transfer of your recorded videos to Android devices and Windows 8 smart phones while still playing your videos.


It’s perfect in case of an accident since it can provide reliable backup evidence for insurance companies. Also it can provide sufficient evidence for law enforcement agencies in case anything happens on the road.

The camera is beneficial to motorists who want to record everything happening on both front and rear side of their car. This is facilitated by the two cameras that are connected with a high-quality coaxial cable. The front camera is full HD while the rear camera is HD only making it capture scenes producing the best quality images. They work well during broad daylight as well as at night. The real camera is designed in a unique way such that it does not block the precious driver view.


The Blackvue 2 Channel Dr650Gw-2Ch is considered the most discrete dual dash cam out there. It is one of the most affordable high quality product on the market currently. It brings a genuinely new chapter in the history of dash board cameras. With the numerous benefits and enhanced features, it’s a camera every car owner needs to capture the environment that surrounds his or her vehicle.

Day and Night time Example Footage

Accident Footage

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