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Updated! The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams

It’s always a good idea to add an extra layer of safety to your vehicle. One way of achieving that is by installing a dashboard camera (dash cam). These small devices act as an extra eye on the road.

Primarily, they record all the events that happen in front and at times around your vehicle. You can then use the footage whenever the need arises; e.g. when proving your innocence to an insurer or the authorities.

Dash cams come in various shapes and designs, but the best models are the discreet ones. Perhaps the easiest to conceal is a rear view mirror dash cam.

While other types generally attach to the windshield or dashboard, mirror dash cams resemble the typical rear view mirror and attach right where those mirrors are usually installed. An observer can barely tell whether it’s a normal mirror or a dash cam. That high level of discretion is what makes them very popular among motorists.

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Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Review

Deciding to install a dash cam rear view mirror is one thing but choosing just one model from all the available ones is a whole different story. Ideally you want a unit that looks exactly like a rear view mirror but records high-quality videos of at least 720P during the day and at night.

The wider the field of view offered by the lens the better the dash cam. Features like G-sensor, parking mode, easy mounting, and loop recording also add value to the camera.

So which rear view dash cam combine these essential features? Here’s a review of the top 5 to consider.

#1: KdLinks R100 Rearview Mirror Dual Lens Dash Cam

The KdLinks R100 is designed to look exactly like a rear view mirror. In fact, it replaces your current mirror. With a height of 4.5 inches, the dash cam plays the part perfectly. It features a 5-inch IPS screen for displaying images captured by the front and rear lenses.

One of the best features of the R100 is its auto-record ability. The dash cam starts recording immediately you turn the vehicle’s ignition on. It also stops when you turn off the vehicle. Besides saving you time, the auto ON/OFF feature ensures that you never forget to record a journey or forget to turn the dash cam off.

Other features of the R100 include:

Dual channel

The unit has a front and rear lens. The front lens is affixed to the rearview mirror while the rear lens attaches to the rear window. There’s a sticky pad in the package for attaching the rear lens. Although the cable is a whopping 16 feet long (and can allow the rear camera to install on the outside), the rear lens is not weatherproof and should not be attached on the outer part of the window.

You can wire the dash cam to the back-up light so that it automatically switches to the rear camera display every time you reverse. The connection is simple, just a one-wire connection.

Super HD recording

Both lenses feature a 6-glass design that is known to offer the best quality in dash cam recording. They also feature wide dynamic range (WDR) technology for balancing exposure. That’s why both lenses capture the best footage during the day and at night. While the front camera records 1296P videos, the rear lens captures 1080P videos.

280-degree field of view 

Each of the two lenses covers a field of view of 140 degrees. That means the combined angle of view is 280 degrees. Not many dash cams come close.

Parking monitor

The R100 can detect motion and come on automatically to record whatever is happening around the vehicle even when it (the vehicle) is off. The parking monitor function is powered by a powerful built-in battery.

Discreet design

Save for the recording lens, this unit resembles a rearview mirror in every way. It measures 12.5 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches. Unless someone is inside the vehicle where they can see the lens clearly, they won’t notice that it is in fact a rear view mirror dash cam.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty from KdLinks
  • Covers wide field of view of 280 degrees
  • Dual dash cam that can capture front and rear views
  • High quality footage of up to 1296P
  • 5-inch screen makes viewing videos and customizing settings easy
  • Supports 64/128GB memory cards
  • 24/7 customer support from KdLinks


  • The built-in battery is not removable
  • Records footage in one continuous loop instead of small loops

Despite the two drawbacks, the R100 remains to be one of the best rear view mirror dash cams on the market today. It definitely adds some much needed safety to your vehicle, even when it is parked.

#2: Boscam R1 Mirror Dash Cam

The Boscam R1 is a sleek rear view mirror camera that comes with elastic straps for easy installation. It is a high definition camera that works amazingly well, especially during the day. The unit features a front and rear view lens, both of which have a wide angle of view so that you don’t miss any important event that may happen around your car.

Below are the features in details:

1080P Resolution

The R1 records high quality images of 1080P which show clear details of what is happening around your car. The front lens is the one that records while the rear lens helps you when you’re backing up.

Motion Sensor

When the R1 detects movement around your car, it will automatically come on and record the event for a short period and then shut off automatically. That happens even when the car’s ignition is off. This feature is great because it protects parked cars.

Reverse helper 

When you engage the reverse gear this dash cam will automatically display the rear camera view in the best angles possible. It acts as a fully-fledged rear view mirror to help you park safely.

Loop Recording 

The Boscam R1 rear view camera allows recording in loops. It can either record short loops or one continuous loop; it all depends on your preferred settings. Loop recording makes it possible for the dash cam to automatically overwrite the oldest footage with the newest so that you don’t have to do that manually.


  • Easy to install
  • High definition videos
  • Waterproof construction; can be used in harsh weather conditions.
  • Loop recording
  • It is relatively cheap


  • Technically not a dual dash cam since the rear lens doesn’t record
  • No SD card included in the package

While you may not get the footage from the rear lens, whatever you will get from the front lens is more than sufficient to keep you and your vehicle safe.

#3: Nexgadget 1080P Mirror Dash Camera

A fairly affordable camera, the Nexgadget dual dash cam makes a fantastic addition to any vehicle. It is easy to install, captures clear images in all lighting conditions, and supports loop recording. As far as construction, the camera is waterproof, meaning it works even in harsh weather conditions.

Equally important is the fact that it installs on the rearview mirror. That makes it super easy to conceal.

Main features

Dual Lens

The dash cam supports both front and rear recording. While the front camera goes to the rear view mirror, the rear camera installs just above the license plate. The setup ensures a comprehensive coverage of what is happening in front and behind your car. In total you get a 270-degree field of view; 150 from the front lens and 120 from the rear lens.


The camera starts recording immediately you start your vehicle and stops when you turn off the ignition. You don’t need to turn it on and off every time you want to start or stop recording. It supports loop recording and where the oldest files are overwritten by the latest automatically when the memory card fills up. There is a built-in speaker for recording audio as well.

High Resolution

The Nexgadget dash cam captures full HD videos of 1080p. The footage shows vivid and clear images of the road ahead and ensures that you don’t miss the slightest of details, including license plates.


When the dash cam detects a collision or impact it will automatically lock the footage recorded just before and after the event. This helps in keeping critical videos safe from deletion or overwriting.

Reverse Mode

The dash cam automatically displays the rear camera image when you engage the reverse gear. You will need to wire the unit to reverse lights, but it’s totally worth it as the feature helps you to drive safely.

Weather Proof

The Nexgadget dash cam can work in harsh weather conditions. It is designed to withstand extremely cold and extremely hot conditions. The rear camera is in fact waterproof and installs on the outside of the vehicle.


  • It is easy to install the dual camera
  • Affordable
  • Records clear Images in full HD
  • The camera is weather proof
  • Supports audio recording


  • Length of wire of the rear camera is short for some vehicle.
  • Installing the rear camera is not easy

Overall, this is an awesome gadget that can help you capture amazing videos in high quality. It also makes it easy to reverse safely.

#4: Auto-Vox M6B Mirror Dash Cam and Backup Camera

The Auto-Vox M6B is one of the best mirror dash cam is a simple-to-use device. It installs on the rearview mirror easily and features a 4.5-inch touchscreen that looks exactly like a normal rearview mirror. A discreet dash cam, this unit is ideal for any type of vehicle. Below are the highlight features:


The M6B camera attaches to your already existing rear view mirror. You don’t need to do away with your current mirror. That makes it easy to install.

Dual channel

In addition to the front lens, the Auto-Vox M6B has a rear lens that captures images of objects that are behind your vehicle.

Full HD Image Quality

Both the front and rear lenses of this unit record full HD (1080P) videos. With that quality you can clearly see what is happening in front, behind and around your vehicle. The footage is as clear during the night as it is in the daytime.

Viewing angle

While the front lens covers a 165-degree field of view, the rear lens is adjustable up and down, making it easy for you to choose what you want to record. With that capability it is almost impossible to have blind spots.

Loop Recording

Supports loop recording where the latest footage automatically replaces the oldest when the SD card fills up. With a 32GB card you can record up to 5 hours of footage at 1080P.

Display Unit

The touchscreen-enabled screen is built with IPS technology for high sensitivity. Besides working as a display unit, it also doubles up as a navigation panel. You can adjust and customize your dash cam settings using it.

Reverse Packing 

The dash cam automatically switches and displays footage from the rear lens when you select the reverse gear. That is meant to help you pack safely

Motion Detector

Both lenses of this dash cam will start recording automatically if they detect motion that is within a 3-meter distance in front. But you will need to hardwire the unit to the acc for this function.


  • It is easy to install the camera.
  • Night vision enabled.
  • Records quality videos.
  • Designed to attach to the rear view mirror discreetly.
  • Captures front and rear footage.


  • Requires hardwiring for motion sensor to work
  • Needs careful installation, otherwise it will vibrate and that will affect video quality

An almost flawless rear view mirror dash cam, the M6B makes driving safer and more fun. It is not only small but also attaches to the existing rear view mirror, and that makes it simple to install and easy to conceal.


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