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The Rexing V1 was and is still one of the most popular dash cams worldwide. A debut product from the USA-based company, the V1 brought a variety of impressive features to the dash cam scene, including full HD recording, wide dynamic range technology, and handy add-ons like GPS.

More Choices

Rexing followed the V1 with more pocket-friendly models like the V1P, V1 Gen 3, V2 and the R1 Pro, to mention a few. The one constant in all the Rexing dash cams is their ability to capture crispy clear footage during the day and at night.

All of them have a minimum resolution of 1080P, which is quite remarkable considering some other brands can barely offer decent 720P videos. It should come as no surprise that Rexing is the most bough dash cam brand on Amazon.

Find Your Perfect Dash Cam

While Rexing’s pricing is attractive, the many offerings available means you have your work cut out for you when buying a dash cam from them.

In the spirit of trying to shoulder some of the burden, we have picked and reviewed their very best dash cams.

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