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KdLinks is one of the fast-rising companies that have made a name from making high-quality products that are practical to the ordinary consumer.

The company took its time to research what the market needs and came up with perhaps the sturdiest and most reliable dash cams that retail at affordable prices. That is all thanks to a careful analysis of consumer reviews and the needs of the modern motorist.

Built for Your Needs

Although they make a few other electronics and accessories (like HD TV media players, hard drive enclosures and smartphone casings), KdLinks primarily focus on the manufacture and supply of dash cams.

Product Line

Some of their dash cam offerings include the famous KdLinks X1, the KdLinks R100, KdLinks DX2, KdLinks X3, and KdLinks XVIS-10. Whichever one you pick, they ooze elegance.

Their sleek design an compact size not only add some taste to your car’s interior but also ensure that the dash cam doesn’t obstruct you in any way as you drive.

Find Yours

Having said that, which KdLinks dash cam is the ultimate best? We take a look at what each of them has to offer.

Hopefully, the review helps you pick one that meets your needs.

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Top Pick! KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Dash Cam
Great Reviews KDLINKS X1 Full HD Review
KDLinks DX2 Super Wide Angle Dash Cam