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Garmin Dash Cam Reviews

Garmin was founded way back in 1989 in Kansas, USA where it’s headquartered to date. At the time of its founding, it was called ProNav.

Later, its two founders, Gary Burrell, and Min H. Kao, later changed that to the now popular ‘Garmin.’ The latter name was derived from the first names of the founders.

Unquestioned Innovators

Garmin started by selling GPS units. In fact, the GPS 100 was the company’s very first product. Pilots and boaters mostly used it. Garmin introduced a smaller, handheld GPS soon after the launch of the GPS 100. This second product was popular among military personnel serving in the Gulf War.

The popularity of the two products propelled the company to early success. By the year 2000, Garmin had surpassed $230 million in sales. It went public that same year (with Burrell and Kao retaining a 45% shareholding) after selling well over 3 million GPS units since its inception.

World Renown Dash Cams

Today, Garmin has a diverse range of products that include in-car GPS, motorcycle GPS, wireless backup cameras, dashboard cameras, radars, transponders, smartwatches, and many more.

Of all those products, dashboard cameras are perhaps the most helpful to car owners. With a Garmin dash cam in your car, you not only get to record invaluable moments of your trips, but you can also use the footage as evidence when needed.

The best part is that most Garmin dash cams are very simple to install and use. They are designed for discretion and are generally practical to any vehicle, whether it’s a truck or car.

Find Yours

With that in mind, which Garmin dash cam is the best for you? We have a complete review of the top picks.