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Do These 6 Things To Get The Best Footage Our of Your Dash Cam

It is great that you own a car camera and realize the may many ways it can come in handy.

If you need any reminding, our fun infrographic will get you up to speed in no time.

Next up, how to make sure you actually are taking full advantage of your car camera and getting top quality recordings. After all, whether you’re showing off your road trip, or presenting the video in court, you want to make sure you have clear,  crisp footage.

Here are some quick easy tips.

Get a good quality dash cam z edge s3 3" dash cam. Read our review of the best seller here

The quality of your footage is determined by the quality of your dash cam. It’s pretty straightforward. Go for quality dash cam brands from reputable dealers. You can find our top recommendations here.

A good camera produces good footage even in high intensity light or low light conditions.

Position the camera at the center of your dashboard

You may think that it is obvious that the camera needs to be at the center of the car. However, many car owners mount the dash cam at the corner of the windscreen. This tends to distort the quality of your footage especially at night. The ideal location is behind the rear view mirror.

Exception– Of course, this doesn’t apply to every situation. If you’re using a dual dash cam for recording your passengers, lets say if you are a taxi driver or Uber driver, the best place to mount your cam is on the corner. This way you can capture a wider area in the background for more accuracy.

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Reduce the percentage of sky in the footage

The sky looks great. However, unless you are interested in catching the latest meteor shower, keep the percentage of the sky to the minimum throughout your recordings.

Large amounts of sky puts glare into your video. The camera tries to compensate the brightness thereby darkening your video and making it hard to get intricate details of the objects. Think of it like when you take a photo. It is not always possible to capture details of your subject and the background if it’s really sunny outside.

Adjust the g-sensor sensitivity settings

Modern high quality dash cams come with a shock or g-sensor feature. The feature triggers recording when the camera detects impact such as of an accident. When this occurs, the files are protected from deletion, meaning they won’t be taped over.

Some vehicles, especially the SUVs may trigger the feature due to their sports suspension systems. You may need to adjust the sensitivity of your dashboard cam to compensate for these vibrations.

Remove clutter from your dashboard

Keeping a mascot,  large teddy bear, or bobble head may add a little joy into your daily drive, but works to obscure your camera from capturing a vital part of the footage in an event of an accident. Check the footage once you have completed installation to ensure that you get a clear view of the road ahead and around you.

Make sure you have decent storage space

Most cameras operate at 1080 P resolution. This is great for image quality, but can take up a decent amount of memory. Always be sure to check how much memory your cam can accommodate. Most dashcams support at least 32GB of memory, and some up to 128 GB.

It never hurts to have an extra memory card in your glove compartment though, just in case of unexpected occurrences.

Do you have all these things checked? Great! That means you’re all set to go.

Still contemplating if you need a dash cam of your own? Check out our article comparing dash cams and the use of other recording devices in critical times. It may just sway your mind.

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