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Dashcams With Wifi for Easy Connection

Modern technology has touched pretty much every consumer product, and dash cams have not been left out. To make dash cams more convenient, manufacturers are adding built-in Wi-Fi modules to them. So how do WiFi dash cams work and what can you do with them?

Dash Cam With Wifi

Wi-Fi allows you to connect your dash cam with your WiFi-enabled smartphone or tablet. With that connection, you can view live streams from the dash cam and also customize its settings right from the phone or tablet.

The benefits of that? For starters, it eliminates the need for your dash cam to have an LCD display. Some dash cam models are not built with display units, but they do have WiFi modules. That allows you to stream live footage from the camera to your mobile device. Some allow you to save the footage on your phone/tablet and send it via the internet, whether to social media or email.

No Screen- No Problem

The lack of an LCD screen on a dash cam is beneficial in a sense because it allows the camera to be small and compact. In most dash cams the display unit is arguably the biggest part. Take that out, and you remain with a very stealthy and easy-to-hide device.

An added benefit of a WiFi dash cam is that it allows you to control the dash cam and adjust its settings using your mobile device.

Surprisingly Affordable

While it’s a valuable addition, a Wi-Fi module is considered by many to be a luxury feature because it requires a consistent internet connection. That’s why units with this feature generally cost more.

But the price shouldn’t scare you. Eventually, it may end up being worth every penny.

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