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Dashcams With Park Monitor

It’s frustrating to park your car somewhere only to come back and find it vandalized. Some crooked people don’t even stop at that; they devise ways of accessing the inside of your vehicle and then proceed to steal things.

Such events happen, not just in public parking lots, but at times even in your own garage. If you have a dash cam that has a park mode, it might help nail the culprits.

What exactly is park mode?

Simply put, it is a dash cam feature that senses and records any movement within a certain distance from your vehicle when the car is parked. It then saves that footage for you to view when you come back to the car.

How it works is that upon sensing motion, the dash come comes on automatically and starts recording. The car doesn’t need to be running because most dash cams with a parking monitor usually have a built-in battery that keeps them running as they record the short clip.

Some give you the option to hard wire the dash cam to the car’s battery.

Keep Your Car and Yourself Safe

However it gets it power, a dash cam with a parking monitor brings a sense of security when you leave your vehicle parked.

In case of theft, damage or an accident, you will have video footage to identify the people involved or use as proof if needed.

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