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Dashcams With Night Vision

When the sun goes down the number of road accidents, and incidences go up. That’s attributable to many things, including fatigued motorists, drunk driving, low visibility, and adrenaline junkies speeding at night. Regardless, it may pay to invest in a dash cam that records good footage during the day and at night.

Dash Cam with Night Vision

You don’t want one that will only deliver at peak daylight hours and turn useless when darkness comes. Instead, you need one that will offer clear and visible footage even in low lighting conditions. In case you are involved in an accident you will have crispy clear footage to use as evidence either to authorities or your insurance company.

Not all Equal

Although many dash cams come with night vision as a standard feature, some perform a lot better than others when working in low lighting conditions. The difference between a unit that is worth your investment and one that isn’t worth boils down to how clear the footage is.

Can it show license plates clearly? What about road signs and people’s faces?

Find Our Top Picks

Fortunately, we have assembled a list of dash cams that can display all those things in all lighting conditions.

Whichever one you pick will keep you save during the day and at night thanks to the superior night vision they all have.


Not just any dash cam, the model you install in your vehicle should have outstanding night vision. Luckily several dash cams offer precisely that. Their footage at night is almost as clear as during the day thanks to technologies like wide dynamic range and infrared. We have picked the very best dash cams that have reliable night vision.


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