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Motion Detector

Many dashboard cameras come with a pre-installed parking monitor (popularly known as parking mode). This feature enables the dash cam to act as a CCTV of sorts when the car is parked. It detects any motion that occurs within the camera’s field of view.

How it Works

When motion is detected the dash cam automatically comes on and starts recording the events that are happening. That is what is called motion detection.

A dash cam with motion detection keeps your car safe when it’s parked, giving it an extra sort of security. A car that is parked is exposed to the same risks (or perhaps more) as one that is being driven. Talk of hit and runs, scratching, denting, burglary and generally all sorts of damaging. 

Capture The Evidence You Need

If you have a dash cam with motion detection, it will capture the incident and make it easier for you and the authorities to identify the culprits. With so many dash cams having motion detectors, which ones top the batch?

Here’s a list of the best picks.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cams
Best Seller KDLINKS X3 Super HD Dash
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VIOFO A119s V2: Dash Cam
PEMENOL M7 Full HD WiFi Dash Cam
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OldShark 3 1080p Dash Cam
Our Top Pick! BlackVue DR650S 2CH IR Dashcam

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