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GPS Enabled Dashcams - Reviews and top picks

GPS-enabled dash cams are becoming more popular every day. It’s a welcome trend what with the many capabilities that the feature brings. For starters, if your dash cam has a GPS, then it’s unlikely that you will ever get lost on the road.

Know Exactly Where You Are

Sure, written directions help at times, but when you find yourself on an unfamiliar road that looks dark and intimidating, only technology as superior as GPS will help. First, it will pinpoint your exact location and then give you a course to follow in order to reach your planned destination.

Even better, the dash cam will be recording the whole way. That not only gives you recorded footage that you can view and master the road (in case you have to travel it again), but it also makes for good memories – the day you were saved by a GPS with dash cam.

Find Lost Vehicles 

Beyond guiding your trips, a GPS module may also help track your vehicle. In the event that it is stolen, someone borrows, or you leave it with your kids you can always track its location using the GPS. That capability also comes in handy for fleet managers.

Most thieves will think twice before stealing a vehicle if they suspect that it has a GPS tracker. The mere presence of a dash cam can give them a clue that it is GPS-enabled. At best it will scare them off.

Find Your Dash Cam With GPS

All that goes to show that a GPS-enabled dash cam offers one benefit after another, and you don’t stand to lose anything. Your only task is to ensure that the model you choose is the best possible.

Here are some of the best GPS dash cams.

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$ 379.99

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