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Dashcams With G-sensor (Movement Sensor)

Having a dash cam in your vehicle is a brilliant idea. Having said that, your dash cam probably won’t be of much help if it doesn’t have an automatic G-sensor.

What is G Sensor?

G sensor is a unique feature that enables your dash cam to save and lock recorded events from a sudden impact. When your vehicle is involved in an accident, collision or any other heavy impact, the G-sensor automatically senses that and locks all related footage.

Protect Your Evidence

By doing so, it protects your critical videos from being deleted when the memory card is full, even if the dash cam uses automatic loop recording. The best dash cam is one that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor.

Typically, the more sensitive it is, the more the footage it will lock. But you don’t want it to be excessively sensitive because it may end up locking non-important impacts like when your car hits a small pothole.

Find Yours

With that said, which dash cams have the best G-sensor function? Our team reviewed a number of options and picked these out.

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