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Full HD (1080p) Dashcams

Dash cams come in various shapes and sizes. They also have varying prices, ranging from as low as $40 to a whopping $700. While design and cost are important considerations, the performance of your dash cam should be your biggest priority. And as far as that goes, any dash cam that doesn’t offer, at least, HD footage might not serve you well.

What Does HD Mean?

HD is short for high definition video. It refers to a high standard of video and audio quality. So what resolution is considered HD? Well, any quality from 720P and upward is HD.

Nowadays there are dash cams that record 1080P, 1440P, 2.5K, 2.7K and as high as 4K. Typically, the higher the resolution of your dash cam the clearer the footage captured.

Record Every Detail

The idea behind having a dash cam in your vehicle is so that you have an all-seeing witness in case of an accident or incident. For that to happen, the dash cam must be able to deliver high-quality footage that is crispy.

So don’t compromise on the HD feature otherwise you won’t be able to get all the details, including license plates, road signs, and even other motorists’ faces.

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