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Dual Channel

What’s better than having a dash cam? Having a dash cam with two lenses! That’s what is known as a dual channel dash cam.

While single channel dash cams have only one lens that typically records the road ahead, dual channel cameras feature two lenses. One records the road ahead while the other one either records the interior of your vehicle (Uber-style) or the rear. It all depends on how it is constructed and how it’s designed to work.

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Either way, the presence of two lenses gives you a wide angle of view. For example, if the front lens covers 180 degrees and the rear covers 120 degrees, then you will have a 300-degree field of view.

Depending on your taste, you can choose between a single body with both lenses attached to the main unit or two lenses that are separate but attached together by a cable. Regardless, make sure the dual channel dash cam that you pick can record quality footage that can be of use when needed.

Lots of Features to Choose From

It’s not hard to find a dual dash cam that records high quality footage. That said, a good number of models usually offer varying resolutions for the two lenses. For example, you can find a dash cam whose front lens records 1440P videos, and the rear lens can only do 1080P. Others allow you to turn off the rear lens and use the front one only.

The exact range of specifications and capabilities that you will get depends on the dual dash cam you choose. Needless to say, there’s a wide selection.

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