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360 Degree

Dashboard cameras have come a long way, and if modern trends are anything to go buy the future looks even brighter.

Manufacturers are incorporating creative technologies that offer all-rounded safety and protection for motorists and their vehicles.

One that’s picking up pace is 360-degree coverage.

See All Around You

Compared to traditional dash cams that only cover a specific field of view in front of or behind your vehicle, 360-degree models are capable of setting sights wider. They record every event that happens all around your car and at times inside as well.

How is that achieved?

For starters, some dash cams have 360-degree lenses, one that rotates through 360 degrees and allows you to point at whichever direction you want.

Some models don’t use the 360-degree lens but instead employ a 360-degree rotatable or 360-degree swiveling mount. The mount essentially allows you to turn the lens through 360 degrees, and in doing so, you can point it to any direction you wish.

Lots of Options

The final alternative that manufacturers use to develop 360-degree dash cams is having two cameras in one unit – the popular dual-channel dash cams.

In this case, each camera is given a 180-degree field of view (or any viewing angle as long as their sum adds to 360 degrees). Your front-facing lens will cover 180 degrees, and the rear-facing lens will record the remaining 180, bringing the total field of view to 360 degrees.

Find Yours

Regardless of the method used, a 360 degree dash cam offers the most comprehensive view of your vehicle. With these models coming out in large numbers, it might be a bit overwhelming to pick one.

Luckily we have a review of the top 360-degree dash cams for your consideration.

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PEMENOL M7 Full HD WiFi Dash Cam
Our Top Pick! BlackVue DR650S 2CH IR Dashcam

$ 199.99

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