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4 Reasons Why You Simply NEED To Own a Dash Cam

Short and sweet. If you’ve ever thought about buying a dash cam before but have just put it off, well, stop it!

More and more people are getting them, you see videos online or from your friends about their awesome road trips or unique experience. Or, maybe you’ve been involved in an unfortunate accident or stop. Having a car camera in any of these occasions and a whole lot more, could give you serious bragging rights, or save you thousands of dollars in court fines or insurance claims.

Whether you’re looking to get one for practical purposes, entertainment purposes, or security, the bottom line is, you should have one.

Let’s explore more below.

What is a dashcam?

A dashcam or a dashboard camera is an appliance that records what is happening as a person is driving. The camera typically records through the front windshield, or front and back windshields if you have a dual channel cam.

Police officers have them, and many more regions or jurisdictions are getting more of this technology installed in their patrol cars every day.

Although it’s common knowledge they are adding these devices for improvement of police services and also to record the events as an impartial witness, what’s not so common is how many these devices are being purchased by your average joe citizen.

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Why should you have a dashboard camera?

With the advent of cell phones having cameras in them, it seems we have cameras everywhere. So, why put one on your dashboard or windshield? There are many reasons anywhere from capturing the license of the guy who cut you off, causing you to swerve into another car, to showing evidence of U.F.O’s.

Here’s a short list for why you should purchase a dashcam.

1. Driving and Parking Accidents

With driving accidents and people pointing fingers, the camera displays the actions and how the accident actually played out. When you’re in a parking lot or garage and someone attempts a hit and run, you can rely on your dash cam to record all the important details, including tag numbers, car, and maybe even a picture of the person driving.

2. Fraudulent claims of being hit by a vehicle

What became popular in Russia is now known as a common scam by many people. I’m talking about insurance fraud. This is what happens when someone gets you to hit them on purpose, or throws themselves in front of your car, and proceeds to sue you for injuries.

There are more people than I would like to imagine, that are ok taking a small hit or breaking their arm if they think it’s going to lead to a heafty insurance settlement. Don’t become a victim of this scam. In case you ever find yourself in this situation, your dash cam can be used to show concrete proof that you were not at fault.

3. Documenting a road trip or  spectacular natural event

Dashcams make it possible to videotape someof the incredible landscapes you see everyday and  incorporated into an overall film about your travel or visit of somewhere unique. When we drive, we have to pay attention to the road, and we miss a lot of whats going on around us. With a dashcam, you get to experience the joy of driving, and reaching your destination safety, but don’t have to miss out on the beauty around you.

I’m not just talking about landscapes either. Car cameras catch everything that is happening around you, whether you know it’s occurring or not. Take for example a meteor flying above you in the middle of no where. There was incredible footage taken of the Chelyabinsk meteor that was over Russia. Tons of footage was taken because so many people there use dashcams.

4. Plenty of other reasons

Too many to name in a quick article! Like I said, you probably already have your own reason for wanting one, or at least thinking about one. Whatever that reason is, your own personal reason, that is why you should have one. No one knows you better than yourself, and if owning a car cam is going to give you peace of mind, well, what are you waiting for?

If you need more convincing, here is our extended purposes and complete buyers guide for why you should own a dash cam.

Are there any downsides to owning one?

There are other alternatives to a dashcam such as smartphone applications, digital cameras, and surveillance devices. The first two will be best for the forward facing like the traditional dashcam recording, however, the surveillance devices are more for either the inside or the outside of the car, like when you are in a parking lot or parking garage.

Read our post here that specifically talks about the pros and cons of using our phone as a dash cam. Find out why it just isn’t worth it.

Alternatives and their drawbacks

Drawbacks to using a smartphone app are that you have to start the app every time you get into the car and have to remember to do so. You also have to buy a mount that won’t block the camera or your vision while driving.

Drawbacks to using digital cameras are involved with storage. The memory just doesn’t hold the same way as in using a dashcam. The way the two are stored is completely different.

Drawbacks to surveillance devices are not enough power to run continuously. They hook to an AC converter which then plugs into the cigarette lighter. But, then you have to worry about the devices draining your car’s battery.

A car camera takes care of all your worried without giving you extra, like you’re car not starting. If captures clear, high resolution footage, has motion detection, and adjust to different light settings. Just a few of the features you can consider when looking for your model.

Don’t be stuck with unreliable footage, check out the best dual dashboard cameras

Results are in, and the winner is…

You guessed it, a dashcam outperforms all others types of monitoring devices. No one single device can come close to doign what a dash cam is designed to do.

When comparing various countries across the board, folks in Russia have the rest of the world beat in the numbers of individuals who own a dashcam. The extent of corruption of law enforcement is so corrupt there,  that it is in the person’s best interest to have these devices. It’s a lesson we could well learn from.

Unexpected things can happen anywhere at any time. Don’t you want to be prepared?

Even in everyday experience, such as the reckless driving of the valet driver in Auckland airport of 2014. Here a recently fired valet driver, known for reckless driving decided they weren’t happy being let go, and continued to show up and park the cars as if nothing had happened. When the owner of one of these cars later reviewed his dash cam, there was no hiding from the truth. Without it, there would have been no evidence for the prosecuting attorney.

Sometimes in life, things just happen. Don’t let people get away with breaking the law or taking advantage of you and your possession. With a dash cam, you can take back the controls. 

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