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Drive Smarter with These Devices

Advancement in technology has come along with lots of great tools that have made practically every part of our lives better, easier, and more safe. This now applies to driving as well.

Yes, we’ve had automatic windows and GPS for a while now. That was the last generation of gadgets. As we continue to grow, evolve, and expand, it is time we embrace and welcome in the new generation of driving gadgets and devices.

You won’t be sorry. Tust me.

Most of these devices synchronize with your smartphone transferring the control over your car straight into your hands, or voice control even. Don’t fiddle around looking for things, these tools will help you save time, save money, and instantly check the status of your car. Don’t wait too long for those oil changes, check the pressure of your tires, save thousands of dollars in repair cost, or traffic fines.

The gadgets have not only helped in making driving a more exciting experience, but have also gone a long way towards making sure that driving your car, in general, is safe and secured.

Let’s take a look at the devices you should already have, or should seriously be looking into.

Dashboard Cameras

Dash cameras come in different categories from the affordable basic cameras to the more costly advanced ones with impressive new features. Most of these cameras are typically plugged into a lighter socket while others come with in-built lithium batteries. Basic dash cameras are designed to capture and record everything going on as you drive constantly.

Advanced dash cameras can do even more.

Most of them are equipped with GPS logging, Speed Sensors, Accelerometers, Audio Recording and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) among others. The GPS helps you to locate where your car is remotely, in case you’re stranded and need to know your coordinates to send for help. Or if you can’t find your car and want to locate it in a parking garage, or in case of theft.

Furthermore, they can tell you how fast the car was going at particular points in case of any incidents. The USB car camera feature is very useful in making sure your camera’s battery never dies, even if your car’s power supply is cut due to e.g. accidents.

Check out the best dash cams for 2018 or narrow it down to the best dual dash cams on the market here.

Top Budget Pick Our Top Pick! Popular Choice Great Reviews
ModelVantrue X1 Full HD Dash camBlackVue DR650S 2CH IR DashcamFalcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash CamKDLINKS X1 Full HD Review

$ 85.99

$ 289.99


$ 399.88

$ 169.95

Screen Size2.7in-3.4in2.7in
Angle of View170°129°180°165°
Max Card Size64gb128gb32gb32gb
Min Operating Temperature32°F-4°F10°F-40°F
Max Operating Temperature150°F158°F141°F160°F
Max Photo Resolution-1920×1080MP1080MP1920x1080MP

$ 85.99

$ 289.99


$ 399.88

$ 169.95

DetailsNot availableDetailsBuy nowDetailsNot availableDetailsBuy now

Remote car starter

Remote car start systems have in recent years become very popular because of the convenience they bring. With a remote start system, you can start your car minutes before you leave the office or in the morning, or as you prepare to leave for work at night. This enables you to control e.g. air condition where you can start cooling or warming your car long before you step in it.

Ideal to cool down your car if you live in a sweltering hot city in summer, or warm up your engine in the colder months.

They also great for people who work late at night, allowing you to start your car quickly before you leave your office, so that you won’t have to fumble with your keys or wait for the engine to start where someone might be waiting for you.

There are different kinds of remote start systems in the market. Some of them are easy to install and operate while others will need a little more wiring to connect with all the systmes in your car, especially newer models. Most of them can be synchronized with your smartphone and have an operating range of up to 1 mile! You can also find additional features such as LED Remote , 2-way paging capability and more.

Here’s a little shortcut if you just want to see the top picks for 2018.


The BlueDriver is a scanning device designed mainly for reading and clearing various data codes being generated by your car. These codes could, for example include: engine light codes, ABS, Transmission, Airbag, and various other module systems. The device is compatible with a wide variety of car models such as Ford, Toyota, GM, Chrysler and more.

If you’ve ever started your car and saw that service light go on, you know how frustrating it can be not knowing what system in your car needs to be checked. Is it the oil, the engine, the brakes?

Instead of spending tons of time, and money, checking them all, use the Bluedriver and get instant confirmation of what the issue is.

Use the Bluedriver to find out what is wrong with your car so you can fit getting it fixed into your schedule. You can even show the live data and graphs to other people, like your mechanics.

This means you can go to the mechanic knowing exactly what needs to be worked on, get a clear estimate of the cost, and get a good idea of how long it will be to be there. In case your vehicle needs a bit of work, you can arrange for a rental car in the meantime, or fit it in during the weekend.

If the problem isn’t too difficult, or if you’re handy, you can even do it yourself, which will save even more money.

Automatic Lite/Pro

The Automatic Lite/Pro system turns your vehicle into a smart car. This device plugs under your dashboard where it captures all the relevant data relaying them into your already synced smartphone.

The system, which can work with both Android and iPhone devices comes with a dozen of features, especially in the Pro version. This system allows you to remotely have access to business tagging, trip logging, fill-up logging, crash alert, parking tracking, streaming apps. Take advantage of inlimited 3G syncing, live vehicle tracking, and more.

See all the details here.

Start With One or With Them All

Breathe life into your driving experience with these devices. They are convenient, efficient, well made, and come in budget friendly options depending on how many features you want in each.  They work perfectly with different car models and can be synced with most smartphones.

Try them out today and soon you’ll be wondering how you’ve gone all these years without them.

Just like with smartphones, it is possible to live without them, but why would you want to? They, and these devices, just make life easier.

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