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Why You Shouldn’t Start 2018 Off Without a Dashcam

It’s almost 2018. Don’t tell us you’re still driving without a dashcam.

If you are, I want you to do two things, check out our infographic about the many benefits of owning one, and read on through this article. 

Cameras can be put into anything these days, from phones and tablets to spy cameras that can be found on any device. Not all cameras are useful but a dash cam can get you out of tricky situations. Read this article and you will know why you shouldn’t start 2018 off without a dash cam.

Describe an Accident Accurately

Everyone who has been through an accident knows what usually happens. After the initial shock, both parties will blame the other one and very often there is no clear, definite proof of what really happens.

This is where the dash cam comes in. As it provides an accurate record of the accident it will help with your claim and expedite the insurance process.

Record What Happens to Your Car When You Are Away

A dash cam can be turned on standby. This means it will automatically turn on if it detects any movement. In case your car gets hit while parked, someone steals something or even intentionally damages it you will have all the proof you need.

Although it is not recommended that you start investigating on your own, you can send the footage to your insurance company or even the police.


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Capture That Unique Moment

So many times we encounter unique moments that happen too quickly for us to be able to pull out our smartphone and start shooting! A dash camera can catch something unique and astonishing. One example would be meteors raining down as other dash cam owners did.

You will more likely capture something unexpected but muchless interesting, like a tree falling on your car or a rockslide that has significant damage to the car. Regardless, in any case of damage, you can show the footage to your insurance company.

You Can Use the Footage to Check You Your Children’s Driving

A great use of the dash cam for any worried parent. If you have teenage children who just began to drive and you are worried, you can use the dash cam to check their speeds and driving skills.

But not only parents can use the dash cam this way. If you lend your car to friends or family you will be able to see exactly what happened especially if you find the car damaged. If you are a taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver or have any other business that allows your employees to drive company cars, you will also be able to constantly check the status of your car.

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You Can Record Your Trip

A great use of a dash cam is to record your entire road trip. It will record and save all those beautiful landmarks you enjoyed and you can revisit the whole trip just by watching the video. A high-quality dash camera will provide you with an excellent video from a great angle: it will be like you’re driving again.


A dashboard camera is a great investment. Even if you don’t ever capture unique, outstanding moments you will probably still use it in an insurance claim at one time. They are very low-cost and easy to install.

Ready now? Get started with the table above or check out our complete buyer’s guide for more information.

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