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Dash Cams Make the Best Tech Gifts For Christmas

The holiday season is upon us! It’s that time of the year when you’re treated to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year festivities in very quick successions. Fun as they all are, there’s always that little issue of having to buy your loved ones gifts; and not just any gifts, cool and handy stuff that they can actually use and enjoy.

When put in that manner it sounds like you really have your work cut out for you. But you can make it easier – consider buying them a dashboard camera. Popularly known as dash cams, these onboard devices are designed to record everything that happens around (and at times inside) a vehicle. They typically record the road ahead, but there are some models that will also record the area behind and/or inside the car.

Although they are called dash cams, most of them actually attach to the windshield and not the dashboard. They also take videos and still photos, a feature that makes them as good as any other type of camera when it comes to recording events. The only difference is that they can do all that without affecting someone’s ability to drive carefully.

That alone accounts for why a dash cam makes a perfect and sensible gift idea; whether for Christmas or any other holiday. But it’s not the only reason!

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Why You Can’t Go Wrong With a Dash Cam Gift

First of all, a dashboard camera is an appropriate gift for pretty much anyone who drives. It is helpful to both men and women as well as drivers of all ages. As long as someone spends some time on the wheel, they will certainly need the footage at one point or another; be it for memories, evidence, security or plenty of other reasons…

…and we all need memories 

A dash cam is particularly a great deal if the person you are gifting it to enjoys going on trips. The one thing that such people love more than the open road is reliving the journey using recorded videos and photos. Well, at the very least you can make that a possibility by getting them a dash cam. Plus you might be surprised what a dash cam can capture on the road; funny road signs, people doing interesting things, cool luxurious cars, Bigfoot crossing the road!

It’s a lifesaver

In a perfect world everyone would be a good and disciplined driver. Unfortunately that’s not the case, there are some very reckless drivers out there. There’s every possibility that your friend or family will encounter such a roadhog every once in a while. With them comes the risk of being involved in an accident. Whether it’s a big or small accident, as long as it is captured on video the footage will come in handy in two big ways.

  • First of all it will show that it is the other person who was at fault, so your person will be vindicated from any legal consequences.
  • Secondly, you can use the footage to prove innocence and claim compensation from the insurance company.

So essentially a dash cam will offer the much needed security and cushioning for your loved one as they drive.

Cool safety features

One sure way of showing your love and care towards someone is by keeping them safe. As far as driving is concerned, the way to do that is getting them a dash cam. Of course you need one that has useful safety features.

Some models pack a tone of them; including alerts for lane departure, when you are too close to the car in front, when traffic starts moving, when you are on a red light and many more. It will be even better if it comes with a parking monitor and GPS module for the safety of the car.

Onboard helper and eye witness

While the dash cam could be more beneficial to the person driving, it might prove helpful to you too if you are a parent or guardian. Most of the time you have little to no control over your child when they go out with a car. We also want to believe that they will be okay, but that’s not really guaranteed. They could go somewhere new and fail to figure the way back home.

That’s where the dash cam’s GPS and Wi-Fi features become really important. They could get a hurtful experience with someone with road rage or other inappropriate driving behavior. If the dash cam is installed it may capture such a person’s face and/or license plate. That will make it easier for you to deal with the issue later.

How to Choose the Best Dash Cam Gift (Things to Consider)

Easy to control

Someone will dislike a gadget if they can’t find their way around its controls. Plus it will be almost useless because they won’t be able to use most of its features. So make sure you go for one that is easy to install and control.

Good quality

The quality of a dash cam is determined by the quality of its images. A camera that can record at least 1080P should be good enough, but nowadays there are some that record up to 4k. Any resolution in-between should be sufficient to deliver high-quality images.

Our recommendations: There are so many options to pick from, including:

Single vs. dual dash cam

A single lens dash cam is a forward-facing camera that only records the road ahead.

Top single channel dash cam– FalconZero F170HD+.

On the other hand, a dual dash cam records the front and behind of the car. Dual cameras are generally more expensive, but they offer the added advantage of two lenses.

Best dual channel cam-  KDLINKS R100 is a good example of a well-designed dual dash cam.


You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get a good dash cam. You can get a reliable one like the OldShark T105 for as little as $70. But if you have a sufficient budget you can go for a pricier option like the Garmin Dash Cam 55 which costs in excess of $230+. Typically, the pricier it is the more features it has.


Reputable brands make the best products. In the world of dash cams, the best manufacturers include Garmin, Zero Edge (Z-Edge), Falcon Zero, Rexing, Spy Tec, and Vantrue.

Extra features

This is where you consider how much content the dash cam can save, if it has a parking monitor, GPS availability, built-in Wi-Fi and accessories like alerts and notifications. If the person you are gifting the dash cam to is a tech savvy they will definitely love a dash cam that packs a lot of features.


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