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Cobra Dash Cams: A Global Brand Of Dashboard Cameras

It’s always a good idea to have a dashboard camera in your car. Apart from documenting your drive it may help record an accident. In that case the footage can help you with insurance and/or legal claims. It will also help you monitor your vehicle whenever you lend it to someone.

Additionally, with features such as parking monitor and collision detector, a dash cam may be the best device for keeping your car safe from theft, burglary, and general tampering when it is parked or on the road.

But it’s not all work and no play. These discreet gadgets can help record an entire trip, including beautiful scenery, cool cars on the road, passengers inside your car, and so much more.

Your only task is ensuring that the dash cam you pick can in fact serve you to the maximum. There are several brands that have proven to be reliable and user-oriented. One of them is the Cobra Electronics. The company boasts of an impressive line of dash cam products that make driving a lot safer and more fun.

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About Cobra Electronics

Cobra is a leading designer and supplier of communication and navigation electronic products. Although the company is mostly popular in the United States, Canada and Europe, it is in fact a global brand that has been around for well over 50 years.

Its products are highly innovative and consist of gadgets that are helpful to professional drivers, auto enthusiasts and the ordinary car owner who simply wants to stay safe and/or record the fun moments of a trip. Of all Cobra’s products (which include two way radios, radar detectors, portable jump starters, power inverters etc.) perhaps it is dash cams that are the most consumer oriented.

They are made for durability, simplicity, versatility and most importantly to record footage in high quality. With one of them in your car you’ll feel safer when you’re driving during the day or at night and whether you’re in a familiar place or a completely strange area.

Reasons to Purchase Cobra Electronics Dash Cams

  • They record high quality footage of at least 720P. Most offer footage of 1080P or better resolution.
  • Made for use during the day and at night.
  • Designed for discretion, that’s why they’re easy to conceal.
  • Come in different prices, ranging from low-cost to high-end units.
  • Product line includes single channel and dual channel dash cams.
  • Easy to install and use.

Product Reviews: The Top Two Cobra Dash Cams

The wide array of Cobra’s dash cam products translates to a wide variety from which to choose. That process is not an entirely easy one since you have to consider things like functionality, usability, extra features, price and so much more.

Just in case you’re feeling overwhelmed or  spoilt for choice and can’t settle on just one we’ve taken the liberty of picking two of the best – one dual and one single-channel dash cam. Check them out:

  1. Cobra CDR895D Dash Cam

The Cobra dual dash cam, CDR895D provides you with two cameras, one for the front and another one for the rear view. As you may expect, the front camera is for recording the road ahead and anything that happens in front of your vehicle.

On the other hand, the rear camera offers a bit of flexibility. You can either install it on the outside of the rear window, facing outward so that it records the road behind you or on the inside of the window, facing inward so that it records the interior of the vehicle.

Regardless of the setup you choose, the CDR 895D will record the footage of each camera separately. You can view them simultaneously on the fitted 2-inch LCD display using a split screen view. Since you want to focus more on driving, you can set the screen’s backlight to turn off automatically after 1, 3 or 5 minutes. The dash cam will continue to record even when the display is off.

Here are more features of the Cobra cdr 895 d dual dash cam:


It is pretty easy to mount. The package includes suction cups for both cameras, a power adapter and a 20-foot extender cable for the rear camera. The dash cam will start recording as soon as it senses power (when you turn ignition on).


The front camera captures 1080P footage while the rear one records 720P videos. Both qualities are impressive and will show clear details. The box includes a 16GB memory card which lasts about 75 minutes when both cameras are recording.

Field of view:

While the front lens covers a viewing angle of 160 degrees, the rear lens covers 130 degrees. With the total of 290 degrees you can be sure to get a sweeping view of the front and back of your vehicle.

Driver awareness alerts:

The dash cam gives lane departure warnings and forward collision warnings. These security features minimize the risk of accidents significantly.

Parking mode:

Here’s an option for turning “Parking Mode” on. That will allow the dash cam to detect motion and record events that triggered the motion when the vehicle’s ignition is off. It relies on the built-in battery so it won’t last so long – just about 10 to 15 minutes. But in public parking lots that’s pretty much all the time you need to secure your vehicle.


This feature detects impacts (accidents) after which it saves and locks all footage related to that accident. You can use it as evidence when the need arises.

The biggest downside of this dash cam is that it doesn’t offer anything beyond the basic functions of a dashboard camera. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth; yet they are all becoming essential in the modern world, especially for those who want to control their dash cam straight from the smartphone.

Having said that, such luxury features would obviously make it expensive and more complicated to use. So there’s an upside to its simplicity. You won’t find it hard to figure your way around this dash cam as it currently is. Plus it measures a mere 1.2 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches and weighs just 1.08 pounds – a perfect size to install and conceal easily.

  1. Cobra CDR 840 Dash Cam

In case you’re not looking for a dual-channel dash cam, you might consider the Cobra CDR 840. This single-channel dash cam will record the road ahead and a significant area around the front of your vehicle. Its field of view is 118 degrees; you can bet that it will have everything that appears on the road and sides within its frames.

Below are some more details about the Cobra CDR 840:


The dash cam uses a suction mount that attaches to the windshield. Once the mount is in place simply attach the dash cam, run the power cable to the car’s cigarette and it will start recording automatically when you start the vehicle. The manufacturer includes a free 8GB microSD card for storing data.


The CDR 840 is a full HD dash cam that captures 1080P footage. You can view the crispy clear videos in real time or play back thanks to the 1.5-ich display screen. The other alternative is watching them on a computer or HD TV. The box contains a mini HDMI cable for those connections.

Night vision:

Although it doesn’t have special night vision technology like WDR or LED, the Cobra dash cam 840 automatically adjusts exposure depending on lighting conditions. That allows the camera to record amazingly clear footage at night.

Loop recording:

When the memory card gets full the dash cam will automatically overwrite the oldest footage with the newest. This type of file management saves you the trouble of having to erase old files manually.

GPS and G-sensor:

The built-in GPS embeds your vehicle’s location, date and time in video recordings. Also, the dash cam has a G-sensor that automatically detects accidents and locks the related footage. This feature ensures that you don’t lose critical evidence that may help your case.


A fairly discreet unit, the Cobra dash cam 840 measures 12 x 9.9 x 1.9 inches and weighs 1 pound.

On the downside, sometimes the loop recording feature fails, forcing you to format the SD card before the dash cam resumes recording. But at least it gives you an opportunity to save already recorded videos.

Overall, it is one of the best dash cams to come out of Cobra Electronics. Definitely worth your consideration if you like single channel dash cams.


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