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Do These 6 Things To Get The Best Footage Our of Your Dash Cam

Jump to: Get a good quality dash cam Position the camera at the center of your dashboardReduce the percentage of sky in the footageAdjust the g-sensor sensitivity settingsRemove clutter from your dashboardMake sure you have decent storage space It is great that you own a car camera and realize the may many ways it can come […]

Find Out All The Benefits of Owning a Dashcam in One Fun Infographic

It is undeniable that dashboard cameras are useful for a whole variety of things. This year especially you’ve seen more and more footage of them, whether it was that lawyer who was stopped for no reason and lied to by the police, or because of other more fatal police stops. While your personal protection and safety […]

Drive Smarter with These Devices

Jump to: Dashboard CamerasRemote car starterBlueDriverAutomatic Lite/ProStart With One or With Them All Advancement in technology has come along with lots of great tools that have made practically every part of our lives better, easier, and more safe. This now applies to driving as well. Yes, we’ve had automatic windows and GPS for a while […]

The Evolution of the Dash Cam – Don’t be Stuck Without One

Jump to: The BeginningBulky and ExpensiveBecoming Famous in RussiaChanges over the yearsThe New NormGet Yours Today Like with most other technology, the dash cam started off big and bulky, but has evolved into a must have for every driver. Let’s take a look at this every increasingly popular gadget. The Beginning The dash cam or […]

Why You Simply Just NEED To Own a Dash Cam

Jump to: What is a dashcam?Why should you have a dashboard camera?1. Driving and Parking Accidents2. Fraudulent claims of being hit by a vehicle3. Documenting a road trip or  spectacular natural event4. Plenty of other reasonsAre there any downsides to owning one?Alternatives and their drawbacksResults are in, and the winner is… Short and sweet. If you’ve ever […]

Comparing Dash Cams and Their Alternatives- Do you need both?

Jump to: Dash camera vs. Smartphone appFeaturesDash camera vs. Digital cameraDash camera vs. Surveillance camera  Why you need a dash cam You know what dashboard cameras are. They’re the cams you mount on your car that you can use for a whole variety of reasons from insurance fraud, illegal stops and seizures, to even helping […]