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The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams

Jump to: Our Top PicksHD Mirror Cam Reviews#1: KdLinks R100 Rearview Mirror Dual Lens Dash CamOther features of the R100 include:Dual channelSuper HD recording280-degree field of view Parking monitorDiscreet designProsCons#2: Boscam R1 Mirror Dash Cam1080P ResolutionMotion SensorReverse helper Loop Recording ProsCons#3: Nexgadget 1080P Mirror Dash CameraMain featuresDual LensAuto-RecordingHigh ResolutionG-Sensor Reverse ModeWeather ProofProsCons#4: Auto-Vox M6B Mirror Dash Cam and Backup […]

Motorcycle Dash Cams – Our Recommended Picks

Jump to: Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Dash CamOther factorsVideo Quality:Auto start:Single or dual channel:Extra features:Product Reviews: The Top 2 Dash Cams for Motorcycles#1: Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording CameraRecording:Display interface:File storage:Size:In the box:Pros Cons#2: VSYSTO Motorcycle Camera RecorderRecording:File storage:Construction: Size: Wi-Fi and optional GPS:ProsCons More often than not cars are the most ideal means of travelling. […]

Truck Dash Cam – How They Keep You Safe

Jump to: Why You Need OneChoosing the Best Dash Cam for TruckersOur top picks#1: Garmin Dash Cam 35Extra featuresSummary of Features#2: WheelWitness HD PRO Dash CamSee everything on the roadExtra FeaturesSummary of Features#3: KdLinks X1 Dash CamCrystal Clear Footage Extra FeaturesSummary of Features#4: OldShark DashCam 505Easy installation Extra featuresSummary of Features Dashboard cameras (also known as dash […]

Cobra Dash Cams: A Global Brand Of Dashboard Cameras

Jump to: About Cobra ElectronicsReasons to Purchase Cobra Electronics Dash CamsProduct Reviews: The Top Two Cobra Dash Cams Cobra Electronics CDR 895D Dash CamMounting:Resolution:Field of view:Driver awareness alerts:Parking mode:G-sensor: Cobra CDR 840 Dash CamMounting:Resolution:Night vision:Loop recording:GPS and G-sensor:Size: It’s always a good idea to have a dashboard camera in your car. Apart from documenting your […]

Uniden Dash Cams: What You Need To Know About the Brand

Jump to: About Uniden Some of our top picks to compareUniden Dash CamsProduct Reviews: The Top 2 Uniden Dash Cams Uniden Dash Cam 945GResolution:Viewing angle:Storage:G-sensor and Parking Mode:Size:2. Uniden Dash Cam 625 Resolution:Viewing angle:Storage:G-sensor:Motion sensor:Size: In a world filled with complex gadgets, Uniden focuses on making its dash cams sophisticated yet practical to the common population. They […]

GiiNii Dash Cams: The Affordable Dashboard Camera Brand

Jump to: Our Recommended Budget Dash CamsAbout the GiiNii Brand GiiNii Dash CamsProduct Reviews: The Top Two GiiNii Dash Cams GiiNii GD-188X Dash CamBelow are the standout features:Resolution:Night recording:Viewing angle:Storage: Size:G-sensor and Parking Mode: GiiNii GD-161 Dash CamResolution:Night recording:Viewing angle:Storage: Size:G-sensor: The fact that millions of drivers worldwide rely on dash cams for a safe and fun driving […]

Video: Crazy Multi Car Crash and a Freakishly Close Call

We’re well into the middle of the first month of 2018 and you may be feeling good. New Year. New You. New Opportunities. Unfortunately what hasn’t changed, and doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon is the recklessness of other drivers on the road. Check out these two videos- The first of a car speeding […]

Dash Cams Make the Best Tech Gifts For Christmas

Jump to: Why You Can’t Go Wrong With a Dash Cam Gift…and we all need memories It’s a lifesaverCool safety featuresOnboard helper and eye witnessHow to Choose the Best Dash Cam Gift (Things to Consider)Good qualitySingle vs. dual dash camPriceBrand Extra features The holiday season is upon us! It’s that time of the year when you’re treated […]

Why You Shouldn’t Start 2018 Off Without a Dashcam

Jump to: Describe an Accident AccuratelyRecord What Happens to Your Car When You Are AwayCapture That Unique MomentYou Can Use the Footage to Check You Your Children’s DrivingYou Can Record Your TripConclusion It’s almost 2018. Don’t tell us you’re still driving without a dashcam. If you are, I want you to do two things, check […]

Why It Is More Important Than Ever to Have a Dash Cam

Jump to: Accident witness Tame undisciplined driversCalm worrying parentsKeep memories fresh If you have ever wondered if you really need a dashcam, the basic answer is yes.  It was a yes then, and it is becoming even more in an increasing, resounding, yes, as people seemingly become worse drivers. With so many rash, reckless, drunken, and inexperienced […]